Working as a medical transcriptionist isn’t easy and it is definitely not for everyone. Here are some of your skills you should have before you even start training for this job.

Grammar, punctuation, spelling. If you aren’t well above average in these basic skills, you are going to have a hard time as a medical transcriptionist.

Typing skills should be 45 wpm or greater. Your transcribing speed will be slower, especially at first, so the faster you are at the start, the better.

What about vocabulary skills? You need to start out with an excellent vocabulary and have the ability to add to it rapidly. This is a skill you will use throughout your medical transcription career.

How well do you work without supervision? If you plan on working at home as a medical transcriptionist, this skill is vital.

Take the time and be honest with yourself about the skills you have. If you aren’t up to par with these skills you should work on them on your own before signing up for classes. You will make much better progress if you are ready for it.