If there’s one constant in the life of a military family, it’s change. You never know when you’ll need to move to an entirely new area with little notice. It’s great serving your country, but hard on a military spouse’s career.

That’s where a career in medical transcription can be a good thing for military spouses. It’s highly flexible, in demand, and may even be done from home. Medical transcription is a job that can travel with you. Even if you don’t get a home based position, you have the skills to find work in most areas.

There’s even funding for military spouses to go through medical transcriptionist training. Schools such as Career Step are eligible for MyCAA funding, so that you can get your training with no out of pocket expenses. It’s a great way to take those first steps into a new career.

Key to success as a medical transcriptionist, of course, is good training. You will want the flexibility of home based training. Not only does this ensure you can continue your training with minimal interruption if you have to move, it’s practice for home based working conditions. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to get your work done without supervision. You’ll learn how to keep the kids distracted when you need to study. These are skills the home based medical transcriptionist needs to master above and beyond their transcription skills.

While many medical transcriptionists dream of working from home, and many succeed in that dream, it’s important to understand that home based work is not your only alternative. You can work in a doctor’s office, hospital, medical school, transcription service, clinic, laboratory, rehabilitation center, veterinary office, and many more locations. Any place that deals with a physician’s dictation will need a medical transcriptionist. Some will allow home based work, but others won’t.

One of the greatest benefits a career in medical transcription offers military spouses is its flexibility, especially if you are working from home. Home based transcriptionists usually set their own hours, making it easy for you to be there when your spouse or children need you. You can move your work hours around to when they’re convenient to you. You will probably still need to work a certain number of hours, and even have something of an agreed upon schedule, but they’re usually easily changed to suit your needs at the time.

If you’re ready to start a career that’s flexible enough to cope with the lifestyle of a military spouse, take a look at medical transcription while MyCAA funding is available. What better way to be there for your family while enjoying the transition to a new career?

Get free information from Career Step about their online medical transcriptionist training, and inquire about receiving MyCAA funding for your education.