College for many is a time for working odd jobs. But it might be nicer to work a job with good pay and flexible hours.

Medical transcription may fit the bill for some college students. It’s a bit challenging to get started, as you need to get the education for the job first, adding to your school workload and expenses.

Medical transcription is a great fit for some majors. If you’re going into the medical field anyhow, the things you learn as a medical transcriptionist are quite relevant. But you may find it an interesting job choice even if it’s not relevant to your long term goals.

Your first step is to decide if you can afford a quality medical transcription training program. They’re not cheap, not if you want quality, not if you want to be able to get a job after graduating from the program. But the job will pay better than many of the classic jobs students work while in college.

The flexibility is wonderful for a student. You can work at your dorm or apartment if you like, although noisy roommates may be a little challenging to deal with. But you can schedule your work around your classes, the times you prefer to sleep and the times that you know things are going to be a bit noisy.

Most employers will want you to work at least 20 hours a week, rather like a typical part time job. But since you can schedule them yourself you can figure out which hours are the right ones for you.

This isn’t a job I suggest you start training for too close to graduation unless you want to keep working it for a time after. Employers aren’t going to want someone who will quit too quickly. But if you have a couple of years to go in college at least, it’s probably going to be worth your time.

The pay can be quite good. It depends on you for most employers when you work from home. They’ll pay you on production. You’ll get a certain amount per line. $0.07 per line may not sound like much, but it can add up quickly as you build your skills. A good transcriptionist can earn more than $15 an hour that way. Beginners will often earn less.

The best part is that you probably already own much of what you need to be able to work. A computer with high speed internet access is a big part of it. The other thing you will need is a foot pedal control, but those are pretty easy to get. You may even get one as a part of your training program.

You may find it a bit more difficult to get some privacy to work. This is not work you can do with a party going on behind you, and you shouldn’t do it with other people in the room. You’ll be transcribing someone’s private medical records. Privacy is mandatory. This makes medical transcription a better job if you can have your computer in a room where you can close the door.

The great part is that you’re most likely the one deciding on your work hours. Your employer may sometimes call you and ask if you’d like more hours, but most of the time you send in your schedule and that’s when you work. You won’t have to work holidays if you don’t want to. You won’t have to work on your usual days if you change your schedule because there’s a party you want to go to. Just give enough notification.

Don’t fool yourself. It’s not easy work. If you choose to work as a medical transcriptionist, you will work hard. It’s a job that takes a great deal of knowledge and attention to detail. You’ll want to be more accurate in your transcription than you are in even your notes for class.

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