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Are There Any Free Medical Transcription Courses Online?

Free is such a pretty word to many people. Sometimes however, the results of getting something for free are pretty ugly. Free isn’t always worth it.

That’s the case with free medical transcriptionist courses online. They aren’t going to teach you medical transcription. Despite that initial claim of free, there’s probably an expense that you’ll lose as well.

Many supposed free courses don’t charge you for whatever training they say they’ll offer. They’ll charge you for software or something like that. It won’t be worth the money. Their free training won’t be worth the time you spend on it, because it won’t help you to get a real job later on. All in all, free medical transcriptionist courses are a huge waste of time, and possibly money.

Medical transcriptionist courses aren’t free for one very good reason. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop the course, and once it’s developed there are still teachers to pay. Someone has to be available to the students when they have questions.

Free also costs you in lack of quality. Odds are they aren’t going to teach you enough to become a medical transcriptionist, not by a long shot.

It’s not just the terminology or even the formatting. It’s learning how to transcribe. It takes hours of practice with real doctor dictation to prepare yourself for even an entry level medical transcription job. That’s not something a free course is going to provide.

Then there’s the matter of reputation. A medical transcriptionist must be extremely accurate in his or her work. That’s hard to judge in a freshly trained graduate of any program if the employer isn’t familiar with it. Testing only tells them so much. Employers prefer being able to trust the course you took to have trained you well. If they’re familiar with the reputation of that course, they’ll know if they can trust that or not.

Some free course that pops up online isn’t going to have that trust. It’s not going to build up a good reputation because it’s not going to teach you well enough. Providing quality training costs too much for free to be a viable business model. The time it takes to learn medical transcription is prohibitive as well. The model doesn’t hold up.

There’s one more way a free medical transcriptionist course can cost you. It can cost you wasted time in job hunting. How long are you going to have to job hunt when you don’t have the skills you’d hoped to get? How long will you waste time thinking you can get this when you haven’t been given good quality materials and a teacher to help you master transcription? What will it take to get an employer to take a chance on you?

That costs you whatever income you could have been making after paying for a good course. The upfront cost of the training might just help you get into the career faster.

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What Are the Basics of a Medical Transcription Scam?

The trouble with any career option that allows a number of people to work from home is that it attracts scams. It doesn’t matter how many legitimate opportunities there are out there, there will also be someone trying to scam the folks who just want to earn a decent living.

Naming the scum who do such things can help, but it is far more powerful to know the signs of a scam. This allows you to judge opportunities for yourself, even when they’re so new that no one has heard of them yet.

It’s vital to understand that not all scams will share all of these characteristics. As a matter of fact, some scams will do an amazing job of hiding their problems. But the more symptoms you know, the less likely you are to be scammed.

1. “You just type up what the doctor says!”

Or anything making it sound easy. Medical transcription is not easy. You have to learn a huge, specialized vocabulary. You have to know the difference between words that sound similar or even identical.

You have to do the job as nearly perfectly as possible. You’re dealing with people’s medical records, after all, and that’s nothing to fool around with. This is not a job for the untrained.

2. “We’ll train you on the job!”

Nope. Not going to happen. There are some companies that claim to offer this, and all you have to do is buy their software. But you’ll never make it with them. You will never be a paid employee. You will eternally be an unpaid student, whose best efforts are never good enough for you to graduate to a paid status.

And despite anything you may learn from them, legitimate employers will still insist that you get a real medical transcription education. You lose both money and months of effort to these scams.

3. “No training required.”

To find a real medical transcription employer, you have to first get trained. There’s no way around this.

There are a few quality schools out there. I always recommend Career Step. I hear about other schools trying to get started here and there, but until they build up a quality reputation, I just can’t recommend any of them.

4. Poor English on the site advertising the opportunity.

Why would you trust a site created by someone who couldn’t transcribe a report themselves?

5. Exaggerated earnings.

Yes, you can earn a decent living as a medical transcriptionist. $50,000 is the high side for your typical experienced medical transcriptionist. Anyone who says that average medical transcriptionists can earn more than that is lying. And if they say you can earn that from the very start, well, they’re lying even more.

In my first few weeks as a medical transcriptionist, I struggled to earn even minimum wage. Even with good training there’s a difference between training and the real world.

As I improved, I could earn anywhere between $10-20 per hour. As pay was on production this varied by the complexity of the dictation and the particular doctor. That’s a far more realistic expectation.

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