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Which Online Medical Transcription Schools Take Less Time to Complete?

You’re eager to start working as a medical transcriptionist, and you’ve seen that some online medical transcription schools promise that you can get a fast start. That only makes you more eager to get things going. Which ones take the least time to complete your training so you can start working as a medical transcriptionist?

You’re asking the wrong question. It doesn’t matter how fast the school lets you complete your training if you don’t learn enough to work as a medical transcriptionist. Consider the quality of training first, then look at how long it’s going to take you.

Want the fastest way to finish your training? Go with one of the high quality online medical transcription schools that allow you to train at your own pace. This way the training will only take as long as you need to absorb all of the information and to get enough actual transcription practice to do the work successfully.

Here are some tricks to speed up your training:

1. Set up a quiet home office.

The fewer distractions you deal with as you study, the faster and better you can learn the material. Ideally this would be a space where you can close the door and work. Second best is a room away from the television and other activities in the home.

Quiet is a huge help when you’re trying to transcribe a report. It’s not just about your focus. It’s that many doctors are very difficult to understand, something you will quickly learn when doing your practice dictation, and have emphasized when you start working as a medical transcriptionist. Quiet means you can figure it out with less background noise jumbling things still more.

2. Treat your studies as a full time job.

If you can study as though it’s a full time job, that’s how you’ll finish more quickly. The number of hours will help tremendously. If you can find a way to study at home full time, do so. It will be tiring, especially if you have another job, but it will get you through your classes more quickly.

If you can only study part time, make sure you take those hours seriously. Schedule them into your day and don’t drop them lightly.

In either case, make your studies a part of your routine. Treat it as you would treat a job. Don’t just take off and say you can do the work later.

3. Ask for help when you need it.

Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help when you don’t quite understand something. That’s what they’re there for. Things aren’t always perfectly clear when you see them in your books or online study materials. If you need help, get it rather than waste time trying to puzzle things out on your own.

4. Don’t stress about how long your studies are taking.

Sure, you want to get your career started. That’s perfectly reasonable. Just remember that you need to learn the material well if you want to work in medical transcription. Going so fast that you don’t remember what you “learned” after the test on that section is not going to make you a good transcriptionist. It’s not going to help you find a job either.

Expect a minimum of four months of study, and don’t be surprised at nine months or longer. That’s normal. This is a complex career with a lot of information you need to learn. You need to learn the material thoroughly if you want a job later.

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What Is the Easy and Fast Way to Learn to Be a Medical Transcriptionist?

Why wait to get your career started longer than you need to? It makes sense to get your career going as fast as possible, but it’s not so easy to figure out how to do that when you want to become a medical transcriptionist. Is there any easy and fast way to learn to be a medical transcriptionist?

That depends on how you define easy and fast, not to mention the quality of training you expect. You want a good education, fast isn’t strictly what you’re going for. It may not be as fast if you take longer to get a job because your education wasn’t as good as it should have been.

I consider self paced medical transcription courses to be the best choice for those who want to get their career moving as fast as possible. This way the only thing slowing you down is you. If you need more time for study, you can take it. If you need less time because you already know part of the information, you can go faster. You don’t have to worry about how fast the other students are progressing. How long it takes you to complete your training is up to you.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy. Learning to be a medical transcriptionist isn’t easy for most people. There’s a lot of information to absorb, and it takes time build really good transcribing skills. Many terms sound similar but have very different meanings, and you must learn to tell them apart. You also need to understand the terminology well enough that you can help catch mistakes that could otherwise end up in the patient’s medical records. A good transcriptionist will note where the doctor needs to check the records when something doesn’t sound as though it was dictated correctly.

Getting into the easy and fast mindset is usually a mistake when you’re trying to train for any career. If it’s challenging enough that you have to get training on your own, it’s not going to be so easy that you can get it done in just a few weeks. If it were that simple, employers would be willing to do on the job training from scratch, and that just doesn’t happen in medical transcription. It takes too long to teach everything a medical transcriptionist must know and to learn all the skills you must have.

If speed and simplicity are the main criteria you consider when choosing a course, it’s not likely to do you a lot of good. While there’s good demand for medical transcriptionists, not every person who trains for it gets a job. Your training has to be good enough and you must be able to show that you gained the skills you need. Without that, your job hunt will be neither easy nor fast.

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Where Can I Study Medical Transcription Online Quickly?

The need to study medical transcription before you can get a job as a medical transcriptionist can be frustrating, especially if you think that all you have to do is type up what the doctor says, or you feel you have a solid enough medical background that you know enough to plunge straight into your career. There’s certainly a kernel of truth to such perspectives, but that doesn’t change the need to learn more than you think you need to. The larger part of being a medical transcriptionist is more complex than many others realize.

That doesn’t mean you’re entirely wrong to want to study medical transcription online quickly. If you can handle the speed and really learn everything a medical transcriptionist needs to learn, go for it. But don’t take a course saying you only need eight weeks or something. Take a self paced online medical transcriptionist course and see how long it takes you.

If you can finish it quickly and do the work well, wonderful! Most times it will still take at least four months to complete a self paced course, but at least you aren’t having to wait for classmates to catch up with you, or for an instructor who won’t let you work ahead even when you’re ready to go. The parts you know you can go through quickly. The parts that are less familiar and more challenging you can take the time you need.

Your typical reputable medical transcription course online won’t promise you that you can finish it all that quickly. There’s a wide range of times that are considered normal in a good, self paced course. The fast students or ones with some medical background may finish in four months or so. Students with less time to work on their school work or who don’t pick up the skills so quickly may take nine months, a year or more to get it all done.

The beauty of self paced courses is that it doesn’t matter which sort of student you are, and if something slows you down for a little, as life has a way of doing, you can keep going as time permits. So long as you don’t go past the time frame allowed by the school for completing the course overall, you should be in good shape.

The simple truth is that some parts of the curriculum will take a significant amount of time. There’s only so much you can do about the amount of time required for transcription practice. It’s one of the biggest parts of the online course, and very time consuming. It’s a vital skill to your eventual success as a medical transcriptionist, and not one to be skimped on while you train, especially as it may relate to what you earn. Per line pay rates are quite common in medical transcription, and if you didn’t master the skill, you aren’t going to earn that much.

Remember, you’re training for a new career. You want to impress whichever employers you end up applying with. You won’t impress anyone if you rush through your training so fast that you don’t learn the skills a medical transcriptionist must have.

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