Lots of people want to get a fast start when they decide to work in medical transcription. The only problem is that it’s not possible without training. When you’re looking for a new way to earn a living, having to pay for training isn’t exactly the most welcome thing. Can you get free training for medical transcription?

I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work like that, especially if you don’t want to fall for a work at home scam.

The way the free training for medical transcription scam usually works is they tell you the training is free once you pay them a few hundred dollars for the software you need. It must be their software. Once you have it, they’ll start training you.

The software may or may not work. Worse, the training they provide will not be good enough to get you work as a medical transcriptionist.

Sometimes they’ll say it’s on the job training, and that once you’re well enough trained you’ll become a paid employee. They’ll keep you working at it as long as you’re willing to stick around, but your work will never be good enough that you’ll get paid.

There are some things in life that are absolutely worth paying for even if you wish you could have them for free. Medical transcriptionist training is one of those things.

It’s really just like many other careers where you need to go to college or a vocational school in order to get that first job. It’s very rare for self trained people to make it on their own. Most people need that formal training and most employers want to see it before they will so much as consider hiring you. They need to know that you will be a capable transcriptionist and not need constant hand holding to do your work, especially if you become a home based medical transcriber.

Good online training in medical transcription is worth it in another way if you get a job that pays on production, as many at home positions do. The better you know how to do the work, the faster you can transcribe accurately, the more you’re going to earn. Knowing the job well is a huge advantage, and it’s not one you’re likely to have if you go for free training or try to train yourself.

Take some time when you’re choosing your medical transcriptionist training so that you get the benefits when you start working. Free isn’t worth it if you can’t find work after your training.

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